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T-Systems Projects

TBI Projects

Risk Management



Projects List (extract)

Bulgarian National BankADCK – information system for management of Government Securities Transactions (versions 1…5)
BULGARGAZSmartBGB – Billing System
T-Systems Deutsche Telekom AG (Berlin, Darmstadt) More than 15 successful projects incl.:
- BIS, FaSS (RMZ, ZÖTK), Metrics DB
- EAI-SIM, DualPhone
- Merkur, Merkur4NICE, etc.
HIMCO-VratzaFinance system
EC Delegation, MinistriesUniPhare – information system for management and control of European Commission funds
Ministry of Finance, Bulgarian Customs Agency SmartPDM - information system for preliminary declarations management
Ministry of Finance, Bulgarian Customs Agency SmartRisk – information system for risk management (automated selectivity system)
Ministry of EconomySmartTour – Tourism information system
(European Commission Project)
Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications- INFO-CA (civil aviation information system)
- SmartTR – integrated information system
Executive Agency 'Electronic Communication Networks and Information Systems'SmartSDI – Spatial metadata management system (INSPIRE)
National Electrical Company- SmartBilling / SmartBillingEnterprise – Billing System– versions 1,2 and 3
- NEC-ODI - information system for Central Dispatching Unit activities automation
Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant- SmartFuel - information system for overall control and monitoring of nuclear fuel
- SmartDoc – information control management and measures management
- KNPP Personnell – Human Resources management system
- SmartMEL – master equipment list information system
National Institute of StatisticsAnalysis and comparison of national registers
TBI BankIntegration of SmartInfoTBI with TBI Bank core banking system
TBI Credit- SmartCredit – information system for consumer credit risk management
- SmartInfoTBI – integrated information system for management of overall business activities of TBI Credit
- SmartBroker, SmartPMC, WorldPMC, TBIEcom (TBI acquiring), etc.
TBI LeasingSmartLeasingTBI - integrated information system for management of overall business activities of TBI Leasing
Transact EuropeeCommerce, SmartPMC, WorldPMC - enhancement and support
UniCredit Consumer FinancingSmartUCF - Integrated information system for management of overall UCF (front-end) business activities for management of customer loans
University of Plovdiv, DeLCSmartLearn Framework (SLF)


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